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If you are a Alumni or require Records Verification Services, you can access the registrar’s offices by

In August of 1993, Northrop University closed its doors to the public. Unfortunately many student and administrative records have been mismanaged and irretrievably lost. The publisher of this website, David Prior, a former Chancellor of the University, along with alumni volunteers have worked diligently to recover and electronically file student and administrative records for Northrop University, they have helped many former students locate and receive attendance verifications, diploma and transcript copies.  If you are former student of Northrop University and or need attendance verification, diploma and transcript copies, please use the above email address for this verification
service. Please include the name of the student your inquiring about, dates of attendance, program and any other information you may have that will help the
registrar to locate the records.  Typical verifications take 2 to 4 days, record requests are taking about 4-6 weeks to process. All inquires will be answered with an estimated time of completion and an invoice for record verification or document copy charges will be required at the time of records completion.  At this time, the registrar office does not accept phone calls or faxes. All enquires will be via email:


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